Keeping Your Mom-and-Pop Shop Operational

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There’s something about local shops and restaurants that draw both locals and tourists alike. Be it the ambiance, service, or food, people get their first sip of coffee in the morning and their warm dinner at the end of the long day at mom and pops place. There’s something about these sorts of food places that keep people coming back.

Nothing beats the ol’ trusted mom-and-pop shops. They’re homey, familiar, and inviting. They’re a staple in every town. But just like any other small business, the pandemic has done its number on them too.

While the dust settles as your mom-and-pop restaurant thrives in these times, why not revamp your business while you’re at it? These changes should be forward-looking while addressing the current challenges brought about by COVID-19. It’s time to modernize (at least to some extent).

Here are some upgrades worth considering:

Upgrade Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to businesses with an established customer base (like a mom and pops) expansion makes more sense than relocation. Expansion is essential in modernizing the restaurant since that requires space. This will allow a bigger production capacity which can feed a bigger number of customers.

With expansion comes upgraded equipment too, for overall improved efficiency and productivity. Although equipment can be pricey, they’re an investment worth spending. Equipment made today is manufactured with new technology, unlike the older ones. Opting for secondhand equipment can be friendlier to the wallet, especially if you’re only looking for parts like piston filler attachments and accessories.

But it’s not without its downsides. Although they can be easier to operate, there’s a productivity trade-off. There’s also the risk of spending even more money because of maintenance and safety concerns. When buying secondhand or refurbished equipment, buy from a reputable place to save money. Consider the warranty, age, and history of use before making a purchase.

Nowadays, especially due to the pandemic, there’s an accelerated shift towards the digital space. Everybody’s online. Thus, e-commerce businesses thriving. Everyone else, including traditional shops and grocery stores, is following suit to keep up with the times. Businesses are seeing the utility of social media and have then started integrating it into their business plans.

Invest in and make strategies for social media marketing and efforts, especially that these platforms and channels are key to brand awareness, reaching your target market, marketing, and many more. It’s a relatively free marketing tool worth utilizing for the growth of your business.

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Consider Rebranding

The rebranding includes the signage, restaurant’s interior, and even uniforms. This might be costly, but changes can yield positive results. Getting a brand makeover that respects the previous one and integrates a refreshing take on the business paints an image people will want to know more about. It should still be true to the mom-and-pop theme that everyone loves, but with a modern twist to it. It’s important to still make it feel homey and familiar, yet fresher and exciting.

It helps to get a modern and fresh interior, one that’s Instagram-worthy. It’s free marketing too.

Curbside Pickups and Delivery

Keeping up with the latest trend of bringing the product to the customer is a must especially in a time of travel restrictions. Although businesses have resumed their operations, online shopping is predicted to outlive the pandemic. Because of travel restrictions, it’s prompted people to order their needs online. People don’t just order food from restaurants online, but from grocery stores, too. Additionally, food delivery service means that you won’t need to add wait staff while still increasing your customer base.

Utilizing Software and Other Tools

With a wide variety of tools that help with user experience, website development, and time-consuming processes are easier, simpler, and more convenient to do. Billing, invoicing, inventory, and the like are a few of the time-consuming tasks one deals with on a daily basis. But with the help of software and online tools, you can place more attention, time, and energy on business-building and profitable efforts.

Other than these tasks, a business is bound to have a plethora of information and data. Automating its storage, use, and security through a storage cloud is a must in every business. Information is a currency on its own-with trade secrets, important files, and employee information. By protecting your data, you protect your business too.

A little change is good, especially when it’s to adapt to the times and can afford the business future growth. Although it may be daunting, it helps to know that your immediate community has got your back, especially during these times of uncertainty.


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