Your Basic Guide to a Heat Pump

Do you want to keep warm during the cold winter months? Installing a heat pump helps cool off your home’s exterior. Here’s an overview of how a heat pump provides relief.

Heat Pump Cycle Breakdown

Heat Pump Cycle Breakdown

Generally, the air flows through the suction line and then through the condensing unit. The condensing unit turns the air into water. The heat strips are activated during frosty temperatures.

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The major components of a heat pump are the defrost board, reversing valve, and a suction port. The heat pump also has smaller components. The accumulator helps separate hot and cold discharges. The hot gas generally goes through the suction line and then outwards to heat the exterior.

Defrost Sensor

The defrost system is actually an important part of a heat pump system. When the defrost system is activated, it reverses the cycles and shuts off the outdoor fan motor. The system also activated the backup heating strips to prevent the system from freezing.

Coil Systems

Coil Systems

The indoor and outdoor coil systems are connected by the four-way reversing valve. The connector activated everything. The check valve sends the heating and cooling air through the expansion valves. The respective valve helps transform air into liquid and then discharge.

Hopefully, this breakdown provides essential information about how to operate your heat pump. Now you’ll be able to stay warm when you need it most. Good luck!


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