Whats the Best Garden Watering System for You?

The best garden watering system might be different depending on the size of the plot and the plants grown there. As shown in this video, there are two main types of irrigation: spray and drip. Gardeners should know the pros and cons of both systems before making a decision.

Drip irrigation solutions drip water at a constant rate into a specific area, or channel drips down cables. Spray irrigators, as the name suggests, spray the water across a wider space. Some sprays target a 360-degree zone while others are directional.

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Drip solutions such as button drippers can be more labor-intensive to install. However, they offer far more precise watering than sprays. Drip irrigation is the best garden watering system for plants that can’t handle too much water on their flowers or foliage. Some plants will burn in the sun if their leaves or blooms are left wet.

Drip irrigation is also more water-efficient. This lowers gardeners’ water costs and can even be better for the environment. There is less likelihood of overwatering or leaving soil waterlogged.

However, for water-loving plants like ferns, sprays are ideal. Gardeners should list the plants they want to grow and research how those plants cope with excessive water. Gaining an understanding of the needs of the whole garden really helps when picking out the perfect watering system.


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