Weird Activities for the Winter Setting

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There are a lot of things that you can do to pass the time during winter. Hanging around the fireplace with your family is one. It is great and heartwarming to have them by your side while you sip on hot chocolate or roast marshmallows. This is also when you can do some shopping and look for stores that offer Bogner men’s ski pants on sale.

Some of the athletic or active types just cannot wait to suit up so that they can play their favorite winter sport. You have to wear the right gear if you want to perform well in those events. But like all other things in this world, stranger things have happened. While some are enjoying the winter climate in traditional ways, here are some activities that you may find strange or peculiar if done in such a setting.

Ice Swimming

Many of us are accustomed to beating the summer heat by going out for a swim. It is a natural instinct to want to cool down on a hot day, but the people of Finland would think otherwise. If you are already trembling in the cold while you are indoors and fully clothed, they apparently do not care much about the sub-zero temperatures; instead, they go out to swim in ice-cold lakes.

This is still something that the body is not designed to handle. You can take the plunge and stay in icy water between 30 seconds and a minute. A lot of them swear by the health benefits it provides. Many are saying that it can help you become calmer and improve your circulation.

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Eating Muktuk

Alaska is a U.S. state known for its perpetual winter. If you crave the cold setting, this can be one of your dream destinations. When it comes to indigenous people, the Inuit tribe is one of the most well-known that comes from this region. With this comes your unique delicacies, and for them, it is all about muktuk.

For the uninitiated, this is a dish made with a whale’s skin, and it could be eaten raw. Arctic regions usually are visited by these large aquatic mammals, so it is natural for the people here to view that as a food source. If you are someone who is adventurous when it comes to trying some extreme food, have a bite of the muktuk.

Snow Fishing

Traditional fishing requires you to row out to the middle of a river or lake and then cast out a line and hope that a fish takes your bait. Believe it or not, you can do the same in a winter setting. Of course, there would be huge differences in how you do it. You can go over to any frozen lake or body of water and find your spot.

Once you have found one, you can then proceed in sawing out a hole where you can just dip your line and see if you can catch something. It lacks the openness and visual delights of regular outdoor fishing, but you can still derive a peaceful time out there in the field of ice and snow.

Some view the cold climate as a time to stay in and keeping yourself safe and warm. But the world never has a shortage of adventurous folk who think outside the box. The result is these winter activities. You may balk at these initially, but it is best to try these yourself before making any judgment.


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