Understanding Each Use of Chain Slings for Your Business

Different chain slings are applied on different job sites and factories or plants depending on the intensity of work. These chain slings vary primarily in their sturdiness and, most commonly, the number of legs. As per the video, it is important to understand the different loading capacities for added efficiency. For a single leg chocker, the workers will likely be lifting pipes.

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This is very common in warehouses where plastic pipes are lifted and dropped onto trucks that wheel them away. The single chocker is a perfect fit for smaller or lighter loads.

Endless Chocker is better placed in a factory where steel pipes need to be lifted. Similar to the chocker above, it will be able to hold and lift heavier loads due to a stronger chocker. The endless chocker has a configuration that is slightly sturdier than the single-leg chocker. The legged chocker configuration combines the chocker above (endless) to create two such holders. It can, thus, be used to lift heavier loads such as steel pipes or even wood. This is particularly common and useful in a logging plant or factory. It can lift and drop trunks from the factory floor to a truck in seconds.

When selecting the right chain sling to use for your business, it all boils down to weight and costs. Most chain slings are heavier and more expensive than web or mesh slings. They are, however, more durable and dependable.



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