Tips for Teens How to Earn Money Over the Summer

how to earn money over the summer

If you’re a parent of teenagers, and you want to encourage them to remain motivated and hard-working, presenting them with ways to earn how to earn money over the summer is one way to do so, especially if they’re already itching to become more independent. From working at a local retail shop to offering services, there are many different ways your teen can learn how to earn money over the summer at just about any age today. The more familiar your teen is with their options, the easier it’ll be for them to select a position or field that’s most appealing and suitable for them.

Provide Home Painting Services

If you’re a teen and you want to learn how to earn money over the summer, you can start by offering services to neighbors and even locals in your area, especially if you already have a knack for a particular skill, such as painting. Providing exterior or even an interior painting service is possible when you’re a teen once you’re familiar with the basics of painting walls and preparing your surroundings. It’s highly advisable to take some time to familiarize yourself with various methods of painting indoors to build a portfolio and help attract new customers who need your help during the summer.

To promote the home painting services you’re offering, you can do so traditionally by going door-to-door, with printed fliers, and even with promotions and a presence online. Building a social media following will help others spread the word about your current business venture and the services you’re offering around town, regardless of your age. With a portfolio (online and off) and a social media presence, you’ll likely find it much easier to make the money you have in mind come this summer.

Work at a Local Garden Supply Store

If you want to learn how to earn money over the summer, but you’re new to working and unsure of the skills you possess innately, you may want to consider working at a local garden supply store or a stone supply store, depending on where you’re located. Working at a local garden supply store is not only ideal for those who are new to the workforce, but it’s also optimal for those who prefer to work outdoors and outside throughout the day. Working outside in the summer will help you make the most of the warm season while simultaneously allowing you to earn a paycheck.

Finding a local garden or stone supply business that’s currently hiring can be done by visiting them locally in person, depending on how close the stores are to you. You can also seek job listings and openings online with the use of traditional search engines and social media platforms, such as Facebook. When you’re searching for a garden supply store online that may be hiring, be sure to send messages or submit applications online or in person as directed or recommended.

Offer Local Lawn Care Services

If you’re a teen who enjoys spending time outdoors, and you don’t mind physical labor, one way to learn how to earn money over the summer is to offer a lawn care service to those in need. From assisting elderly neighbors and those who simply don’t have the time to maintain their lawns to providing services to companies and small businesses near you, it’s possible to offer lawn care services to a myriad of customers in the summer to make some money on the side. Once you’ve developed your client base, you can then begin promoting them to a larger region, and you may even consider starting a brand-new business with a crew.

When you’re thinking of offering lawn care services, you’ll need to consider the types of services you can provide based on your skills, abilities, and lawn care equipment you have available to you. Investing in commercial-grade lawnmowers, weed whackers, and other important gear can also help significantly when you’re trying to appeal to new customers and clients. The more prepared and professional you appear when you’re seeking work as a lawn care service provider, the more likely you will be to achieve success.

Starting lawn service businesses is not always an easy feat, however, especially if you’re attempting to open a shop in a location that is already rife with competition. Lawn services businesses will require a bit of marketing when you’re working solo or when you’re entering the market for the first time. When you want to build a successful company that offers lawn services, you’ll need to pinpoint the wants and needs of your intended customers while developing your online presence to help maximize your online reach and, ultimately, your overall visibility.

Find a Job at a Local Eatery

If you want to know how to earn money over the summer for the first time, and you’re new to the workforce, finding a job at a local eatery might be the best place to begin. From working at local cafes to hot spot restaurants, there are many different opportunities to consider when you want to make money as a teen over the summer. Once you determine you’re ready to work as a host or server, you’ll want to ensure you can do so legally based on your age and the city or state you’re located in.

Updating your resume and including your skills as they pertain to cooking, customer service, and serving can go a long way when you’re seeking work at a local eatery, especially when you’re doing so for the first time as a teenager. The more prepared you appear for the position, the more likely you are to be offered the job. Finding a job at a local restaurant café or eatery can be done with the use of local job postings and listings as well as by connecting with eateries who are hiring online.

Searching for eateries and restaurants that are hiring online can be done with traditional search engines. You can also find more information about a particular location and its available openings through social media, in some cases. Use job-hunting websites, professional platforms such as LinkedIn, and official websites to submit your application once you’re ready to begin working on your own.

Provide Residential Pool Services

Another way to earn money over the summer is to provide residents near you with a pool maintenance service. This is especially beneficial if you already live in a region where swimming pools are common among homeowners. If you want to run your own pool maintenance business, you’ll need to take the time to learn more about the required equipment, tools, and gear. You’ll need to do so in order to succeed. Learning about competition is also imperative when you’re thinking of offering maintenance services of any kind, especially during peak months and the hottest times of the year.

Offering pool maintenance services is a way for you to spend time outside and near water while making money, especially during your teenage years. It will also help you to get to know the process of obtaining clients, setting a schedule, and learning the basics of running a business. Learning how to charge for your time or the types of services you intend to offer can also help significantly in ensuring ongoing success.

Offer Home Cleaning Services

When you want to know how to earn money over the summer, and you’re willing to take on just about any job, consider offering home cleaning services. From working as carpet cleaners with your close friends to offering a window cleaning service as you work solo, there are many different cleaning services you can provide to the neighbors and residents in your area. When you’re thinking of offering home cleaning services, it’s important to consider the type of cleaning you’re interested in doing and the gear, equipment, and supplies that’ll be necessary to do so in any professional fashion.

When you’re going to work as a home cleaner, you will need to think of a name for yourself professionally or for the business you intend to form. If you’re thinking of forming an official business, you’ll need to do so with appropriate trademarks and legal filings. You will also likely need to require proper licensing and insurance for you to begin promoting your commercial services to any type of customer or client.

Developing a website and a social media presence is always recommended. These will help you promote your services and build credibility. Ultimately, this will funnel in ongoing customers and clients for as long as you intend to work in the cleaning industry.

Promoting your cleaning services with the use of social media can be done across all platforms, from Facebook and TikTok to Instagram and Pinterest. The more well-versed you are at promoting a service or building a community online, the easier it’ll be for you to reach the customers who are in need of your cleaning services, whether you intend to target residents in your community or you’re looking to represent business owners. The more active you are with developing your online presence, the more likely your content updates are to appear on others’ newsfeeds as the day goes on.

Work at a Local Car Wash

If you’re a teen who is serious about learning how to earn money over the summer, and you enjoy working on or around cars, consider working at a local car wash or an auto detailing shop. Providing a car wash service is a simple job that is ideal for those who are new to working. When you’re working at a local car wash, you can also get to know more about the process of cleaning cars and detailing them properly.

Finding a local car wash that’s hiring near you is possible by simply stopping in and visiting them in person to inquire about their current openings. If you’re looking for even more options, going online can help with the use of job-hunting websites and, in some cases, even social media. Browsing online for various openings will allow you to get to know more about the car wash companies and services near you.

Offer Dogsitting Services

When you’re an animal lover but want to know how to earn money over the summer as a teen, you might want to think about offering dog care to those in your neighborhood as well as those you know. Whether you have family members who are going on an extended vacation or a neighbor who is headed out of town for a long business trip, you can offer dog-sitting services to ensure ongoing customers and the chance to make money during your summer break, especially if you’re still in high school.

If you want to offer dog-walking services or ongoing doggy care, you can do so by promoting your services in traditional listings and even with printed fliers, depending on your location and the population of your city or town. If you want to garner a professional reputation, you’ll want to establish a social media presence and in time, even your own website. Requesting reviews from happy customers and clients can also go a long way in determining your chance of achieving success when you want to make money this summer as a teen.

Using high-quality photos and videos that include you interacting with other dogs can help others feel more comfortable once they are searching for dog-sitting or doggy care services near them. If you have an official website and business cards, you’ll also find it much easier to present your work and services when you’re searching for new clients. The more actively involved you are with the needs and wants of your neighbors and those in your city, the easier it’ll be for you to ensure your dog-sitting services and solutions stand out from any competition you’re facing.

Anytime you want to learn how to earn money over the summer, it’s important to first consider your skills, innate abilities, and areas of interest. Earning money over the summer will not only help you feel much more independent, but it’ll also help you with moving forward in establishing a career as a grown adult. When you’re aware of potential positions that are available near you, it’s also much easier to find a suitable opening.


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