Scaling a Business during a Pandemic

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Scaling a business is not easy, especially with the current situation where the economy is still recovering. But it does not mean that these businesses cannot expand. They can still achieve reasonable growth by focusing on what they need to do. Here are some things that businesses can do to scale up even in the middle of a health crisis.

Focus on the Objective

If you’re planning to grow your business, you should focus on your goals and objectives. You should avoid focusing on your current situation. For instance, if the business currently has a single location in the city, you can increase the number to two or five. With this, you have something to focus on. You can also focus on increasing the revenue of the business. If the business is currently earning $100,000 each year, you can increase revenues to $150,000 or $200,000 every year. Your objectives should change your mindset and motivate you to grow the business.

Aside from focusing on the objectives, you should also prepare the business for growth. Preparing for growth means looking into the weaknesses of the business and resolving them. You should check the systems, processes, and the team behind the business. The supply chain is another consideration since it may limit your ability to scale the business. In this situation, you have to look for secondary suppliers if your primary supplier cannot meet your needs. The important thing here is that you prepare the business for growth before you implement anything.

Deal with Obstacles

As indicated earlier, scaling a business exposes its weak points or obstacles to growth. Aside from the systems and processes, you should also check other factors that can hinder the growth of the business. These factors include funding issues and poor cash flow. After identifying these obstacles, you should address them so you can scale your business. If you do not deal with these obstacles, you will find it challenging to grow the business.

Maintain Quality

You should maintain the quality of your products or services when you scale the business. There are instances when the products or services deteriorate once the business grows. In this situation, the business will lose its market since long-time customers will notice the changes in quality. There is no point in scaling a business if you sacrifice the quality of your products and services. While you will commit errors along the way, you should correct these mistakes as soon as possible.

Put Together a Team

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When you scale a business, you should make sure you have a good team to handle the different aspects of the business. You’ll need to increase your staff when you grow the business. While the closeness among old staff members may wane, creating a professional atmosphere within the business can ensure that everyone works together for the good of the business. You should also highlight the importance of quality and consistency in the business to avoid issues in the future.

A bigger team requires new equipment to facilitate better communication with each other and the customers. You should get a hybrid PBX system to manage this situation. The system facilitates communication. It also secures all the communication your business has with your customers. Additionally, the system is designed to last a long time, allowing you to future-proof your business as it expands.

Maintain Values

The professional atmosphere you create within the business allows you to instill the values your business wants to promote. The scaling process will take a lot of your attention, and you may overlook inculcating the values on the new members of the team. You should avoid this and ensure all the team members are aware and will practice the values of the business. These values allowed the business to reach its current situation and help it grow bigger in the future.

Make a Forecast

When you scale the business, you should look at potential issues in the future. For instance, the pandemic caused many retailers to scramble when it started since the crisis affected the supply chain. This effect continued well after the pandemic started due to limitations on air freight and congestion at the seaports.

These are the issues you should try to forecast to minimize their effects on your business as it scales up. You can look for secondary suppliers in case your primary suppliers cannot meet your needs. You can also prepare other transportation options to ensure you have the products you need for the business.

Scaling a business is challenging. But when you prepare for it, you’ll increase the chances of successfully growing the business.


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