The 3 R’s of Post-Winter Lawn Care

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Sometimes, people do judge the book by its cover. In this case, it’s your lawn. Maintenance is important, especially for your commercial space. Who wouldn’t want to get a positive impression from customers? Your establishment should be the whole package: good service and an appealing place.

Winter is almost never a friend to anybody’s lawn. With its harsh temperature and ability to dampen anything, it won’t do any favors. Luckily, there are ways to rehabilitate your lawn.

When the snow starts to thaw and the cold starts to ease, it’s time to get your lawn ready for the spring. Reliable landscaping lawn service providers discuss where and how you can get started.

Remove the Weeds

Don’t be fooled. Just because it’s winter, that doesn’t mean that there’s zero possibility of spotting weeds on your lawn. Annual weeds are weeds that grow, set seeds, and die all within a year. There are two types: summer annuals and winter annuals. You’re going to want to watch out for the winter annuals.

Aside from weeds, make sure to remove excess dead matter. Get rid of dead leaves and grass to help the lawn look clean.

Reseed Your Bare Spots

As the transition to spring starts, you will probably notice the patchiness of your lawn Aside from the extreme temperature, it could be a result of snow removal too.

Reseed these areas to remedy the bare or thinning spots. Reseeding also prevents weed growth. It’s best to fill in these patches as soon as you can since weeds tend to grow where there is room.

Rake Your Soil

The soil on your lawn has become compacted from the wet snow. Having this type of soil isn’t ideal when you are trying to plant successfully. Raking enables better oxygen and easy absorption of water. It also aids in deep root growth, especially when planting or reseeding grass.

Tips to Maintain Your Lawn

It doesn’t stop there. These can serve as a rule-of-thumb to apply. Now that you know the 3 R’s of post-winter care, here are some tips to help you maintain it well.

Mow Regularly

Mow when your grass has grown enough that no more than ⅓ of its height is mowed per session. Mowing should be done according to how fast the growth of the grass is, and what type it is.

Avoid mowing the grass too short. Doing so will harm the roots. But if done in the recommended mowing height, it helps the grass become more resilient to drought, insects, temperature changes, and more.

Before you start mowing though, be sure to pick up debris like sticks and stones around the vicinity. You wouldn’t want to mess up your mowing machine.


Everybody thinks that water will always be good for plants to the point of over-watering. Don’t make the same mistake. Avoid watering your lawn every day. This promotes the grass’s roots to grow deeper and more resilient to drought. Doing it a few times a week will suffice.

Be sure to water only during the morning so the grass can combat the hotness of the day. It also prevents the grassroots from drowning, since the sun will be out.

Avoid Stepping On Grass Beds

Stepping on grass beds or having weight on them may harm grass blades, especially on young grass or on spots that were already sparse, to begin with. If this happens too often it may compress the soil. This can prevent oxygen from moving to the roots. Give it several weeks before you walk on it. With proper care and mowing, the grass will be stable enough.


Fertilizers give better health and improved growth to your grass. This in turn helps it to become more resistant to pests.

The best time to fertilize your lawn is during early spring. This gives ample time for grass to absorb the nutrients, so they can withstand warmer weather. Don’t forget to water afterward.

It’s important to note that there are different kinds of fertilizers to use, depending on the type of soil. Distinct nutrient content needs different kinds of fertilizer to supplement. Some plants benefit differently depending on the latter too.

Maintaining your lawn can be a hassle, but it’s worth it. It helps make your establishment look clean, inviting, and professional. It impacts people’s impressions of your space, no matter how subtle.

It can be a big job and you might need more hands on deck. If that’s the case, try doing some research. Reach out to your local trusted landscaping company for assistance.


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