Here Are 9 Ideas if You’re Looking to Pivot Careers

Your career can determine the life you live. It can dictate your financial stability, personal fulfillment, and overall happiness. That’s why finding the right job is crucial, especially in today’s rapidly evolving economy. This is why more and more people are making career pivots today. Nowadays, the career people set out with often looks very different from the one they end up with.

Pivoting jobs is a term used to describe when someone switches careers, whether within the same industry or completely different. It’s a popular trend because many realize their job doesn’t align with their interests, values, or long-term goals. Pivoting can also be seen as a way to stay relevant and adapt to changing industries or market demands. However, specific jobs can be better for pivot than others. Pivot jobs can offer much flexibility, especially if you do it at the right time. Here are some great options.

1. Practice Law

Law is an essential component of society. Lawyers help individuals, organizations, and businesses navigate the legal system to protect their rights and interests. There are many areas of law you can specialize in, such as corporate law, criminal law, or immigration law. With a law degree, you can pivot into other fields like politics or business management. It’s one of the best pivot jobs out there and one you should consider today.

There are various specialties in law that you can take. However, the most profitable is family law. This is because it will always be in demand and guarantee a stable income. Family law covers many areas, such as divorce, child custody, and adoption. You can even specialize in more niche areas like surrogacy or elder law. However, pivoting to become a family lawyer is no easy task. It requires extensive education, training, and experience. But if you’re passionate about helping people and enjoy challenging yourself, this could be your perfect pivot job.

You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree followed by a Law Degree (Juris Doctor) to get started. After that, you have to pass the bar exam in your state. Once licensed, you can start practicing law or specialize further with additional education and certification. It’s an exciting and rewarding career path that offers many opportunities for growth and advancement. This takes around seven years on average, but the hard work and dedication will pay off in the end as lawyers get paid around $128,000 annually, one of the highest salaries in the country today.

2. Study Psychology

Psychology is a growing and diverse field that studies the human mind and behavior. It covers many topics, from mental health to social interactions, making it one of the best academic pivot jobs. With a degree in Psychology, you can pursue various careers, such as clinical psychologist, school counselor, or research analyst. Psychologists are in high demand due to the increasing focus on mental health and well-being. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for psychologists is expected to grow by 14% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.

To become a psychologist, you’ll need a bachelor of science degree in Psychology and a graduate degree, such as a Master’s or Doctoral. Depending on your specialization and state requirements, you may also need to obtain a license to practice. The average salary for psychologists is around $100,000 annually, making it a well-paying and fulfilling career option. Additionally, with the growing need for mental health services in various settings, psychologists can work in diverse environments, from schools and hospitals to private practices and research labs.

If you’re interested in understanding human behavior and helping others, psychology may be your right career path. It offers a unique combination of science and compassion, allowing you to impact individuals and society as a whole positively. With continuous advancements in the field, this dynamic profession always has new opportunities for growth and development.

3. Become a Pediatric Dentist

While general dentistry plays a vital role in maintaining overall dental care, pediatric dentistry focuses on the specific dental needs of children. A childrens dentist, or Pedodontist, is a specialist who has completed additional training beyond primary dentistry. This training equips them with the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive oral health care to infants, children, adolescents, and individuals with special health care needs.

As a pediatric dentist, you will offer routine care like cleanings and cavity fillings, diagnose oral health conditions related to childhood diseases and developmental disorders, and provide treatment plans tailored to young patients’ needs. If you find a particular interest in promoting children’s oral health, a career in pediatric dentistry could be a fulfilling choice.

Becoming a dentist for children requires dedication and commitment to your education. After completing a four-year undergraduate degree, aspiring pediatric dentists must attend an accredited dental school for another four years. Following dental school, they must complete two to three years of specialized training in pediatric dentistry. The work environment for pediatric dentists can vary from private practices to public health clinics, hospitals, and even schools. Becoming a pediatric dentist can be a fun career, making it one of the most chosen pivot jobs today. It’s profitable, rewarding, and is an opportunity to make a real difference in children’s lives. Promoting good oral health habits at a young age can prevent more severe dental issues.

4. Be an Electrician

Electricians are skilled professionals who install and maintain electrical power in communities. The need for electricians constantly increases as the world becomes more technologically advanced. Electrical contractors are vital in keeping people’s daily lives running smoothly, from wiring new buildings to repairing existing ones.

Becoming an electrician requires specialized training and a passion for problem-solving. Electricians must undergo comprehensive training programs, including apprenticeships and classroom instruction, to obtain their licenses. They should also have excellent physical fitness, as they may be required to work outdoors or in confined spaces. Additionally, electricians should have good hand-eye coordination, color vision, and manual dexterity.

Electricians enjoy job security as the demand for skilled workers grows, making it one of the best pivot jobs today. It’s a career that offers financial stability, opportunities for growth, and job satisfaction. In many areas, electricians also have flexible work schedules, allowing them to balance their work and personal life. Being an electrician also means being part of a constantly evolving industry. With new technologies emerging every day, electricians must stay up-to-date.

5. Show and Sell Houses

Real estate is a fast-growing industry that offers many opportunities for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. Buying and selling houses requires unique skills, from marketing to negotiation, financial management to interpersonal relationships. Real estate agents must also know the local market and be up-to-date on current trends.

One must obtain proper licensing and certifications to become a successful real estate agent. However, you’ll need to take real estate courses before anything else. These courses provide the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the industry. Additionally, agents must be self-motivated and driven as they are primarily responsible for finding their clients and closing deals.

Real estate is an exciting career that offers flexibility, financial reward, and personal satisfaction. Agents have control over their schedules, allowing them to balance work with other commitments, making it one of the best pivot jobs. They also have unlimited earning potential, often making a percentage of the sale price for each house sold. Lastly, helping clients find their dream homes or investment properties creates a sense of fulfillment.

6. Work with Nature and Landscaping

Landscaping is a career choice for those who love the great outdoors and are passionate about creating beautiful spaces. Landscapers design, develop and maintain outdoor areas such as gardens, parks, and golf courses. This profession requires both technical skills and creativity.

Landscaping is also an ever-changing industry as new trends in design and sustainable practices emerge. There are many careers in this field today, but none is better than tree arborists. These arborists, also known as tree surgeons, are protectors of trees and are responsible for their care and maintenance. They have in-depth knowledge of tree biology, and proper pruning techniques, and can identify and treat diseases.

Another aspect of landscaping is the use of nature to enhance properties. This practice is called biophilic design, where natural elements are incorporated into building designs. It can include indoor plants, natural lighting, and open green spaces within buildings. Studies have shown that incorporating nature into our living and working spaces can improve mental health and productivity.

Becoming part of the landscaping industry is one of the best pivot jobs today. It gives you much time to work with nature, help create beautiful spaces, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Whether you choose landscaping or tree arborist as your niche, these careers offer a sense of fulfillment by positively impacting the environment and people’s lives.

7. Work With Animals

Pets are becoming more common in households worldwide, and with that comes a growing demand for animal-related careers. For those with a deep love for animals, there are many pivot jobs to explore within the animal care field. One popular career choice is becoming a veterinarian. Veterinarians are trained medical professionals who specialize in treating animals. They diagnose and treat illnesses, perform surgeries, and provide preventative care for pets and animals.

Another animal-related career option is becoming a dog groomer. Dog grooming services keep dogs clean, trimmed, and healthy. They may also offer nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing services. This job requires patience, attention to detail, and animal love. Other animal care jobs include becoming an animal trainer, pet sitter, or working in a zoo or wildlife sanctuary. Each job offers unique opportunities to work closely with animals and contribute to their well-being.

The pet industry is growing, with owners spending billions on their pets each year. This means there is no shortage of job opportunities in animal care. Plus, working with animals can bring immense joy and satisfaction to individuals passionate about animal welfare. It’s a fulfilling career choice that offers the chance to make a positive impact on both animals and their owners.

8. Teach Kids

Children are the future, and working with kids is a rewarding career choice for many individuals. Various professions involve teaching children, from traditional roles such as teachers or daycare providers to more unconventional jobs like child psychologists or behavior therapists. Each job plays a crucial role in shaping the minds of young individuals.

Becoming a kindergarten teacher is an obvious choice for those passionate about education and want to make a difference in children’s lives. Teachers impart knowledge and serve as mentors and role models for their students. They have the opportunity to inspire and guide children towards a brighter future. It’s one of the best pivot jobs in education, as it allows individuals to impact shaping future generations directly.

Aside from traditional teaching roles, other careers involve working with children. Becoming a pediatric nurse or doctor involves caring for sick children and helping them recover from illnesses. Child therapists work with kids who may be struggling with mental health issues, providing support and guidance to help them overcome their challenges.

9. Get Your Hands Dirty!

Lastly, why not become a mechanic if you like getting your hands dirty? Mechanics play a crucial role in the transportation industry and keep vehicles running smoothly. They diagnose and fix various mechanical problems, ensuring that cars, trucks, and other modes of transportation are safe to use.

Becoming a mechanic may require specialized training and certification, but it’s a rewarding career path for individuals passionate about automobiles and hands-on work. However, mechanics not only work with automobiles but also with bikes. Bike repair services are becoming increasingly popular as more people go cycling for exercise and transportation. Mechanics can specialize in bikes and open their shops.

Pivot jobs are a great way to utilize your skills and passion in different industries. They allow individuals to explore various career paths and discover new interests while staying true to their passions. So, if you are looking for a change or want to expand your skill set, consider exploring the right jobs that align with your interests and strengths. It might lead you towards a fulfilling and successful career path today.


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