Follow These Simple Steps to Install the HES Electric Strike

Installing a HES electric strike is straightforward when you follow these simple steps. Begin by carefully reading the manufacturer’s installation instructions for your electric lock. Ensure that you have the necessary tools and hardware before starting the installation process.

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Start by preparing the door frame and ensuring it is properly aligned and reinforced. Mark the locations for drilling holes according to the template provided in the installation instructions. Use a drill to create the holes for mounting the electric lock and running wires.

Next, position the HES electric strike in the designated location on the door frame and secure it using the appropriate screws or bolts. Connect the wires from the electric lock to the power source according to the wiring diagram provided in the installation instructions. Test the functionality of the electric lock to ensure that it operates smoothly and securely.

Once the electric lock is securely installed and tested, complete the final adjustments and fine-tuning to ensure optimal performance. This may include adjusting the strike plate or latch to ensure proper alignment with the lock mechanism. Finally, conduct a thorough inspection of the installation to check that everything is correctly installed and functioning as intended. By following the manufacturer’s instructions and taking the time to properly install and test the electric strike, you can enhance the security and functionality of your door access system.


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