Top Secrets for Attracting New Guests to Your Resort

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To ensure that you get the most of your hotel or resort business, you need to make your resort attractive to as many guests as possible. No matter how luxurious your hotel resort may be, you can always make it better. You can’t force people to like what you’re offering them, but you can make it easier for them to find what they want and take advantage of the services you offer.

If you’re running an upscale resort, you know how much work goes into making it successful. It can be categorized into aesthetics, location, and comfort. You have to nail all these and rely on meeting these factors when you do minimal renovations. Whether you own it yourself or are just part of the team that runs the day-to-day operations, you want to make sure your resort has everything it needs to provide guests with an unforgettable experience that will bring them back again and again.

To do this, consider some of these ways to make your resort more attractive:

Have a Clear Vision

Knowing what you want is essential in any area of life, and it’s particularly a must in business. Having a clear vision not only helps you make smart decisions but also attracts people who share your passion. For example, if you’re launching a boutique hotel on an island, don’t forget that visitors are looking for more than just a place to stay—they want great food and company as well.

Use Social Media to Build It

Make sure you’re on social media. Use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other channels you can think of to interact with customers, build a community around your resort, and provide potential guests with an experience they want to be a part of. Don’t use these accounts as promotional vehicles. Instead, be genuine—share your experiences at your resort or events that are happening there.

Offer Unique Services

Services like surfing lessons, skeet shooting, and tandem skydiving are a great way to make your resort stand out from others in your area. Services like these will provide guests with an experience they can’t get at other resorts, which should make them want to come back year after year. If you aren’t located near any special attractions, or if you don’t have much land available for recreational activities, services are a good alternative. But be sure to think of fun ones that also cater to specific interests.

Pay Attention to Details

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No matter what you’re marketing, from your hotel to your car wash, your audience notices details. Consider adding a fountain or a beautiful tree for visual interest. People love coming across small surprises when they visit resorts and hotels; it makes them feel special and unique. Also, another good example would be paying attention to decor, like putting engravings to your pool windows using a high-quality acrylic laser cutter. Imagine your hotel name engraved in your pool, windows, aquariums, and more.

You can also display seashells on guest room doors. Put in detail so that people can notice how much care you put into your business. Not only will detail attract customers but will also make sure that there is never anything to complain about!

Aim for 5-Star Service

It’s no longer enough for your resort to have a location and a nice view. Today, many of your guests have visited several other resorts, either as vacationers or business travelers. And they’ve experienced different levels of service, from poor service in one hotel to exceptional service in another. When it comes time for them to book their next trip, if you don’t meet their criteria with exceptional service and 5-star amenities, then you risk losing their business altogether.

Keep Upgrading

Replacing older facilities and updating with new amenities such as TVs, Wi-Fi, bars, gyms, and spas keeps your resort looking modern. Remember that upgrading is less expensive than building a whole new resort. In addition to attracting new customers, keeping up to date can also appeal to existing customers who may be willing to pay a little more for these updated rooms.

Offer Plenty of Activities For Guests On-Site

One of the biggest complaints people have when they are on vacation is that there isn’t enough to do. To avoid that complaint, make sure you offer plenty of activities for guests to engage in while staying at your resort. This will keep them entertained and happy. They will appreciate all of your efforts, and may even stay longer than planned because they’re having so much fun! It can lead to higher revenue for you as well.

Some recommended activities include mini-golf courses, basketball courts, pool games, hiking trails, and more. Be creative with what you decide to do — it doesn’t always have to be structured activity either. Bring a board game or card deck along just in case a guest wants to play too! Anything goes — remember: more activities equals happier guests.

While each resort is unique, some general tips apply across the board. The three areas you want to focus on when trying to improve your hotel’s overall appeal include location, comfort, and aesthetics. Work hard in these areas, and you’ll be sure to create a successful vacation resort.


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