10 Businesses You Can Start Today

Many of us dream of leaving our conventional 9–5 jobs and setting up an establishment on our own terms. Although it can take a lot of planning and guts to pivot jobs so quickly, there are an array of lucrative benefits associated with self-employment. Whether it be creating your own schedule or finally getting rid of your nagging boss, setting up your own business can help you gain the freedom and respect you deserve. Thus, this article will go into more detail about some of the businesses you could start as soon as possible.

1. A Forklift Rental Company

Forklifts are a crucial asset to a number of bustling industries, including retail, construction, and transport. Therefore, it’s imperative that businesses of any size can gain access to these vehicles in a quick and easy manner. This piece of machinery is fitted with a pair of large metal slats, also known as forks, and is commonly used to lift heavy materials so that they can travel safely around their respective location. Since this vehicle is so large and complex, many drivers are required to gain a specific forklift license to ensure that they can use this machinery in their workplace. In turn, forklift divers are considered to be very desirable in the modern talent pool. Yet, some businesses don’t have enough funds to purchase one for themselves, so they are normally required to rent a forklift. According to Big Rentz, it costs around $150 a day to hire a forklift, so those looking to pivot jobs have the prime opportunity to start earning a lot of money in no time. Plus, if you have experience with driving a forklift in your previous workplace, you could also consider passing on this knowledge to others for a profitable fee.

2. An Electrician Agency

Electricity powers almost everything we do in the modern world, so when this system starts to go wrong, many businesses start to collapse. In this situation, we tend to rely on a series of qualified electrical contractors to help us assess and repair our entire electrical network. Although many people try to fix these issues on their own, this can put you at risk of frequent risks and blackouts. In turn, it’s always good practice to leave these tasks up to the professionals. An electrician agency works to pair these professionals with adequate jobs and clients within their area, ensuring that these workers can pivot jobs without having to waste their valuable time seeking out a range of new customers. So, if you know a few electricians who are eager to build their portfolio of clients, creating an agency can be a good way for you to earn some extra cash. Although this role tends to cost a lot of time, effort, and money, it’s a useful way to help other contractors in your industry. Fin Model Labs states that it can cost anywhere from $29,000 to $69,000 to set up a standard electrician business, so you would have to work pretty hard to make a profit in this industry.

3. A Trash Rental Company

Decluttering has become an extremely popular trend over the last few years, inspiring people to throw away useless possessions that no longer serve them. Yet, this process often requires people to live among a wealth of trash bags and boxes until they can dispose of this stuff correctly. If these belongings continue to spiral out of control, some homeowners have no choice but to look into hiring a dumpster rental company to help them clear their space. Though it may not seem like it, the dumpster business is incredibly profitable as these companies have the potential to keep their costs very low. Plus, if demand is high enough, workers have the chance to pivot jobs and experience a very bustling and dynamic playing field. Rent My informs us that if you consistently rent out dumpsters for an average of $500, you have the potential to earn a very desirable income. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for those looking to engage in a completely new sector, whilst still reaping the benefits of exponential revenue and profits.

4. A Kitchen Remodelling Agency

If you consider yourself to be very creative but don’t want to deal with the competitive nature of the fine art industry, you may be better off working as a kitchen remodel contractor. Not only do these workers help improve the quality and condition of a variety of kitchens, but they can also use their professional expertise to help customers select the right services for their lifestyle and budget. Although these jobs are often associated with manual labor and hard work, this role can also offer people the freedom to experiment with a wealth of luxurious materials and ensure that their customers can use their kitchens to serve an array of delicious meals that the whole family is sure to love. In a similar vein to electricians, kitchen remodellers often collaborate alongside agencies to make it easier for them to find frequent work. So, if you don’t want to work in the kitchens themselves, but are still interested in this industry, consider setting up an agency. The Curve Group explains that agencies typically take 10%-30% of their client’s hourly rate, so with the right team, you can pivot jobs and start earning a lot more money.

5. A Pool Installation Company

Swimming pools are considered to be a very affluent asset for many homeowners, particularly due to how much it takes to build and install them. In turn, if you’re eager to pivot jobs and work in a very luxurious sector, you may benefit from working in swimming pool repair. Normally, these workers tend to focus on repairing and restoring important parts of a domestic swimming pool, like the filters, pumps, and coatings. Although homeowners are expected to stick to a strict maintenance schedule for their pools, some people lose track of these tasks, leading their pools to fall into a steady state of disarray. Thus, sometimes these people have no choice but to call in a professional as soon as possible. In addition, this is a great industry to work in for those looking to work as an independent contractor and finally set their own rules. According to Comparably, a swimming pool contractor has the potential to earn $28,184 to $226,935, with the average salary sitting at $57,640.

6. A Dog Training Service

If you believe that there’s simply nothing better than being surrounded by a gaggle of adorable jobs, you should consider entering the puppy training market. Whether it’s working with unruly puppies or teaching them basic skills, these workers have the prime opportunity to work with animals, without being bombarded by the medical side of things. This is also a suitable role for those who have spent the majority of their lives with animals and feel inspired to pivot jobs so that they can work in a field that they feel truly passionate about. Even though this job seems incredibly niche, The Academy of Pet Careers notes that puppy trainers can still earn an average of $41,820 per year. Moreover, if you don’t feel comfortable working with the dogs in person, you still have the chance to create online courses for pet owners to purchase. Thus, this option can help those who are looking to build a lucrative side hustle, whilst still sharing their knowledge with those who need it most.

7. A Tree Removal Company

Although nature lovers have the chance to work in a selection of exciting industries, if you’re looking to make more money, you should start a dynamic tree company. These contractors help homeowners to get rid of warped and damaged trees to ensure that the homeowner can revel in a minimalist and open backyard. Plus, this role allows workers to spend more time outdoors, which is a great incentive for those who work in an office to pivot jobs and try something new. Though you could complete a lot of these tasks by yourself, you should consider hiring a few other employees to ensure that the job is completed in a swift manner. Admittedly, the costs associated with setting up a tree removal business are quite high, but don’t let that discourage you from entering this alluring field. Arbor Gold explains that the average tree servicing company can earn $540,000- $1,150,000. As such, with the right team by your side, you have the chance to own a business that can earn immense levels of profit and defeat its surrounding competition with ease.

8. A Commercial Cleaning Company

If you believe that cleaning is the most therapeutic task known to man, why not consider making it your full-time job? Commercial cleaning and janitorial services are a common asset to a wide variety of businesses, ensuring that you will not struggle to find a consistent source of work. Though many people could think of nothing worse than scrubbing floors and bathrooms all day, this role is actually quite diverse. As such, you can design your own set of services, allowing you to only complete tasks that you feel comfortable with, such as laundry and organizing. Moreover, since this role has become quite desirable, especially on social media, you also have the chance to work alongside some high-level clients for an added touch of luxury. This is also an ideal job for solitary workers, as many cleaners work on a self-employed basis. Chron explains that self-employed janitors typically earn just over $30,000, which is a decent living for most people.

9. An Auto Shop

Cars are very useful assets to many people, so drivers will commonly do everything in their power to keep them in good condition. The auto repairs industry is teeming with hard workers, all of whom have built up their trade over the course of many years. Plus, a lot of these mechanics don’t have to earn a college diploma in order to get their job, so this makes it suitable for those who are desperate to pivot jobs but are not too keen about going back to school. If you’ve been fixing cars on a part-time basis, you are encouraged to expand your horizons by also setting up your own auto shop. Not only can this give your customers a designated place to do business with you, but setting up a real location can allow you to collaborate with a range of talented staff members. Despite the fact that you’ll probably be required to purchase a lot of equipment and machinery, an auto shop can also earn you a lot of revenue. SharpSheets explains that the average auto repair shop earns around $275,972 per year in revenue, so over time, you have a great foundation to start earning profits.

10. Open a Local Cafe

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a foodie hub, it’s imperative that you try to profit from this sector as much as possible. You aren’t expected to open up a Michelin-star restaurant, instead, you could launch a small family cafe within your local area. As such, you could use this establishment to bring the entire community together and experiment with a range of delectable recipes. Plus, the food industry thrives off of nuance and creativity, so even the smallest cafes have the potential to do something different and truly stand out from the crowd. In turn, this is a useful strategy for those looking to pivot jobs and enjoy a role that focuses more on the general satisfaction of the customer. Coffee Shop Startups notes that the average cafe owner can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $175,000, meaning that these individuals can strive to earn more money, whilst also indulging in an ever-growing industry.

Making the choice to pivot jobs is an important one, so it’s imperative that workers select an industry that offers them a lot of benefits and opportunities. As such, business owners should work to start businesses in lucrative sectors so that they can enjoy increased earnings as well as a better work-life balance. Thus, if you’re eager to enjoy a new career move, consider using the tips and tricks listed throughout this article.


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